What do you do when the unexpected happens?

The Unexpected 

Going to my Master Mind is always an exciting time for me.  It provides me with an opportunity to be a student, learn, and connect with other business owners and network.

This past week I was at my Master Mind in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.  I went full of anticipation knowing I would come away with great information and motivation.  I did not, however expect to create from scratch a full launch of a program, script a 2 hour live stream, create the marketing and sales for the live stream and appear live myself.

Courage to Start Now

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who learn best by doing.  There were 24 of us that were thrown into the deep end for preparation.  I did not have to do all of that work myself, because that would have been a miracle in the short amount of time we had, but we did have to learn to work as a group.  It was amazing – reaching out for affiliates, tweaking the Facebook ads to get the best response, setting our sales goals and knowing we had to show up camera ready the next day with an offer of our own.  The best part of this experience was the proceeds were going to a wonderful organization Miss. Ruby’s kids who works with children.

So within 36 hours, we had just under 1,000 people sign up for the live stream, we sold 31 packages and each business owner who appeared on the live stream had people opt in for their offers.

I realized that when we, as business owners put our mind to something and take massive action, anything is possible. 

So although this was totally unexpected – everyone rose to the challenge, showed up fully and profited greatly.

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