Establishing Genuine Rapport in a Sales Conversation

Establishing Genuine Rapport in a Sales Conversation

How many times have we heard this and honestly thought it can feel sleazy?

We have been taught that this is just a technique to be able to sell people something.

The way I see it is this is the step that begins the connection – the conversation.There is a difference between Relationship Selling and what I call a ‘one-off’ sale.

Relationship Selling – is when you take the time to get to know who is standing in front of you – because you are GENUINELY INTERESTED.

When you build a relationship with your IDEAL CLIENT, it doesn’t feel like you are selling any longer, it feels like you do have a sense of who they are, what their challenges/needs are and hopefully feel excited because you know you have a solution for them that will net the results they REALLY WANT.

A ‘One-off’ sale is more typical in a retail situation, where you are selling widgets and will sell one to anyone who happens to walk by.  You probably will never see them again as they would not likely buy another widget.  I think there is still an opportunity to connect and sell more widgets through referrals, however I believe building relationships is the way to go.

Tips to building relationships:

  • Let them know they are heard.
  • Validate what they tell you and where they or their business is currently at (we know they don’t need validation – but it is always nice to feel validated by someone).
  • Listen and try not to interrupt them when they are answering a question.
  • Look them in the eye when conversing.   Listen, listen and then listen!

Where is the common meeting point?

When you start talking to them about their challenges, problems and needs.

That’s when you start connecting and it’s all about the connection!

Have you been talking at people or to people lately?

Are you building relationships with your ideal clients or just trying to sell them something?

Take a few minutes and think about how you are building rapport with potential clients.

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