I Have A Skeleton In My Closet!

Everyone has a secret or a skeleton in their closet something they hope nobody finds out about them.   Well today I am going to share mine with you….


Yes my deep dark secret was that I hated sales and I was the sales manager of a National Corporation.  It was my job to train and inspire sales teams.  Can you imagine trying to train a new sales person when you actually hated selling yourself.  I felt like a fraud.

The good news is that I figured out that I didn’t’t hate sales I was afraid to sell.

Having a fear of selling became a huge problem for me when I started my own business.  As entrepreneurs and small business owners we have to be able to sell our product or service in order to stay in business and be successful.

With fear comes resistance or as I like to say distraction.  The most common distraction or time-waster is procrastination.  Even though I knew I needed to get on the phone to make sales calls I postponed it by doing paperwork, working on my website, designing my letterhead and sending emails.

Here are 10 Self Sabotaging Behaviors

  1. Talking too long on the phone to non-business people. (family and friends)
  2. Incessantly preparing and not taking action
  3. Being unable to say no to things that don’t move you forward
  4. Not having a clear objective
  5. Failing to ask for help
  6. Waiting too late in the day to do tasks, causing you to be so tired that you risk not following through
  7. Having a disorganized office
  8. Focusing on non-productive tasks
  9. Not making sales and or revenue generating activities your top priority
  10. Allowing other things to take precedence and your goal is pushed to the background

It felt like the telephone weighed a 100lbs and the very idea of going out and networking to meet new people was terrifying. That reaction revolved around my number one fear of rejection.   I felt that people were saying NO to me, not no to my service.

I not only made a decision to conquer my fears and stop procrastinating BUT to become an expert in sales.  I began studying and learning about the art of sales.  I started using each no as a learning experience, I realized having a sales process made my job easier and most important I changed my perspective on selling.  I realized I wasn’t selling – I was helping!  I had heard that sales is service and I finally understood that I wasn’t trying to ‘push anyone’ into buying, I was providing a solution to their challenge.  And then it happened…. I sold just under a million dollars in one year –  ME the person that was afraid to sell.

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