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My partners and I met Julie almost right out of the gate and although we were experts at what we did, we were lost at how to actually get new clients and run the financial side of the business – a sure recipe for failure!  Although we were unsure what a business coach could provide it became clear quickly that we really needed help.  I think the first thing Julie helped us see was that we were operating as though we were ‘employees’ and not business owners.  Julie’s first step was to help us rethink key parts of how our business was structured, including how we were paying ourselves, what our roles were within the business and how we were closing sales in order to allow us to step into our new role.

Julie has also been integral in helping us understand our numbers.  From day one she pushed us to think about and execute a financial plan that made sense for our business by helping us set-up a forecast for the year.  This meant we had to take a detailed look at our expense history and really think about our goals and objectives and then layout a plan for success.  We had never thought about money like this and it truly challenged our preconceived notions about running a business.  I will say that it took us months to really understand the plan, how it worked and its benefits but Julie’s patience as we slowly bought into the new system was much needed.  Since then we have started planning for our second and third years and actually understand what we need to sell in order to reach our growth goals.

After our experience the first year we signed on for a second year with Julie – and the investment has been worth every penny.  In this second year our understanding of our business is getting stronger and we have seen these concrete changes:

  • We are on track to more than double our sales from last year and we have strategies in place to actually make that happen
  • We have restructured the three partner roles to better meet our company goals
  • We are hiring our first employee
  • We have a clear vision as to how we are going to deal with a partner going off on mat leave early next year

It’s been an incredible ride and I honestly believe that we would not be a multi six figure business right now without Julie’s guidance and support.  Thank you!


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