OUCH! I have FALLEN again…..



A face plant…..I cannot believe I missed the last 3 steps and was airborne for that split second, landing directly on my face with my glasses on no less!!!

And to top it off this was the second fall I had in a month.

There is only one thing to conclude from this and that is I was completely out of sync somewhere in my life.

Here is a rule of thumb that I live my life by:

If it happens once, there is a 50/50 chance it was a fluke, if it happens more than once – it’s all about me and something is OFF!!

So having had 2 falls within a month, the only conclusion I could come to was that something was very off and more than likely I have been ignoring that ‘something’ for a while.

We have these wonderful energetic systems – called our bodies that are always telling us when something is ‘off’….I don’t like to say ‘wrong’ because I believe everything comes to INSTRUCT NOT DESTRUCT!  There are no mistakes only evidence of what is REALLY happening.

So after the 2nd fall, I really had no choice but to look for the opportunity and learn from it because I definitely do not want to experience another fall.

When we are going through change in our life, it is normal to experience fear around it.

The biggest fear people experience in their lives is CHANGE!!  Oh we all want it, we want more money, a bigger business, a romantic relationship….etc. etc.  The question is – what would it mean in your life to have any of the ‘bigger’ things?

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It feels great when we are dreaming and visualizing what we really want – however when it actually shows up – what happens??

My experience is that when I’m ready and have had great experiences in the past about whatever is showing up I accept it easily, HOWEVER if I have not had great experiences in the past so am somewhat fearful when the thing I most want     shows up – look out!

In my case – having 2 falls I knew that energetically I was moving forward but at the same time I was holding back and afraid to take the next steps, hence the falls.  My body and my spirit (so to speak) were in 2 different places at the same time – OUCH!!

I so wanted to move forward and the truth is I was most afraid of “falling in love again”. So I started falling.

“The one who fears something the most is the one who has it most activated in their vibration. And so, it is logical that they would experience it.”  —Abraham

The great thing is when I see something that is so evident I can go to work on it, which I have and am happy to say my body and spirit are in sync….moving cautiously forward into a very special romantic relationship and I have definitely fallen in love.


Here is what is really important for the business owners reading this….although this was about a romantic relationship for me….it was also affecting my business.  I was fearful in one area and it was showing up in my business in very subtle ways.

We are here to grow, be challenged, experience contrast and move forward deliberately and confidently….well deliberately – sometimes the confidence follows. 

I remember the first time I heard the line:  Get busy living or get busy dying’ ….when the change starts to come, its always a decision to face our fears or stay stuck, which can feel like dying.

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Growing, expanding and having more personal freedom in our life takes some work.  We get used to where we are and at times go kicking, screaming and falling into our futures.  Don’t stop moving forward….don’t let fear stand in your way of  having a glorious and abundant life.

We are here to BE more and as a result of every experience we have we truly are more….never less.  So whatever is standing in front of you right now – FACE IT, wherever you may be falling – question it.

I am so committed to having more freedom in my life and helping others to do the same that I have opened up my calendar for complimentary sessions for the first 10 people to connect.  Let’s talk about what is really holding you back or what your biggest fears are.  Let’s figure it out and allow me to help you understand it and make a plan to move past it.

FREEDOM!!!  Is one step away….

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