Susan Shannon –

I attended Julie Flippin’s Mastermind Business Intensive Training and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Julie is an impassioned teacher who really helped me understand things I can do to accelerate the growth of my business.  I loved how she made me see my own personal belief systems under a microscope so I could identify how those beliefs were affecting my ability to take my business to the next level.

Like many other busy entrepreneurs, we don’t always take time to capture our ideas or develop formal budget projections for each next year. But Julie provided me with tips, tools and concrete actions I can take to nurture my ideas and set realistic budget projections – and setting these projections ultimately helps design the work plan that is necessary to accomplish them.  In the few short weeks since the sessions, I have already accomplished a number of them – so her technique works!

I am now rejuvenated with passion for my business and clear direction about how to move my business forward.   Thanks  Julie!

Susan Shannon


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