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With our three pronged approach we help to retrain your mindset, provide the right
business building tools and offer guidance through one-on-one coaching. Select a category below
to see how we can guide you on the path to business growth.

The Science Behind

Learn the science behind
why we make the choices
we do and how our habits
determine our profits.

Together we can create profound sustainable success in your business.


Achieve your sales and
income goals by shifting
out of self imposed

Move into the possibilities for your business and life with confidence and passion.

Business Building

Learn how to Market your
business offline and online
with strategic planning and

Become a Master of Sales with a proven step by step Million Dollar Process.

What Others Have to Say

To the Wonderful Julie Flippin, After a year of having you as my business coach, I have been more than amazed by your ability to adapt and shift into the Photography Business mindset.

Last year, I was in a state of change with my business – with the move to our new studio, losing my Studio Manager who was my right hand woman and beginning to plan for the growth of our family, I knew something needed to shift…

Does any of this ring true for you?

  • No matter how hard I work, I just can’t seem to make more money
  • I dread looking at my numbers
  • I’m really uncomfortable with sales and marketing
  • I have a hard time setting goals, making a plan, and following it
  • Overwhelmed – don’t know where to start?

If the above feels all too familiar, then you’re in the right place.
We’re about to help you re-frame these obstacles and turn them
into opportunities.

What if you could build a solid, profitable business with confidence?

Imagine being able to make statements like:

  • I enjoy looking at my numbers every month
  • It’s amazing how much I enjoy selling
  • I am able to implement new, profitable ideas
  • I love talking to people about what I do
  • I wake up excited to go to work
  • Making money is both fun and easy
  • I confidently operate a successful business

The solution is closer than you realize. You have already taken the first step by looking for the answer – that in itself is the beginning of great results.

It’s as simple as making great choices for your business:

Get some expert
help, and the
solutions will be

Take action, be
willing to get
uncomfortable to
gain confidence.

Believe in yourself
and your dream
and don’t give up.

I remember a time I thought my success was impossible. A time when I believed that every setback would put me out of business. Of course, I didn’t go out of business, and time has shown that success is VERY possible.

It’s why I’m here to tell you that when you commit to creating a sound, financial business and jump in with both feet – there are only possibilities. The limitations we have accepted in the past are replaced with confidence, excitement and passion.

Are you ready to propel your business into the
stratosphere and overcome any hurtles standing in your way? 

Catapult is a 9 month group program designed to catapult your business to the next level of success!

  • I am ready to make great profits
  • I take 100% responsibility for my business and its results
  • I am ready to invest in myself and my business
  • I am ready to face my fears and play big NOW
  • I am ready to take action

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a coach understand my business?
You are the expert on your business. Our job is to help you build your business from the INSIDE OUT! We are experts on Mindset Training, teaching people how to Create Powerful Habits as well as step by step processes on how to become a Master of Sales, Online and Offline Marketing Gurus and Financial Management experts. The job of the coach is not to do your work, but rather to introduce new ideas, help set attainable goals, and achieve results through the implementation of proven systems.
When is the best time to get started and how do we start?
If you are tired of working too hard and long without getting the results you want, consumed with doubt, fear and worry, or ready to up-level your business but aren’t sure how - the answer is right now. Call 877-730-6914 today for a no-pressure conversation about coaching.
What is Business Coaching
Business coaching helps business owners plan more strategically, take focused action steps and improve their bottom line results. A recent study by the National Federation of Independent Businesses found that 70% of small business owners turn to spouses or family members for the majority of their business advice – and statistics tell us that 70% of small businesses eventually fail! This is where a business coach or strategist comes in. Business coaches meet with the owner on a regular basis for an extended period of time to set goals, create strategy, ensure actions are being taken, provide tools, train the owner and staff, measure results, and refine strategies. Simply put, a qualified business coach helps you get results. Period. With that said, “coaching” has become an overused term that can mean many things. There are life coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, health coaches, personal coaches, sales coaches, transition coaches, leadership coaches, and so on. As for business coaches, anyone can pose as a “Business Coach” – including individuals with no real proven business training and experience. In other words, be careful in your selection.