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From Corporate Canada to
Small Business owner to
Multiple Six Figure Business owner

How I finally cracked the code for success!

I understand the challenges you are going through, because I went through them myself.

You see, in the 30+ years I worked for other companies, I trained as a controller, sales manager and HR Specialist. I’ve always known I wanted to help people. It was so easy working for a company and encouraging other people to “do their jobs”.

It wasn’t until I opened my own Accounting/Bookkeeping business, that I really started to understand what it was like having to actually go out and “do” it myself. I loved numbers but didn’t love sales, because I really didn’t understand sales. I felt uncomfortable when I was selling for my own business, I took a “no” very personally.

While I enjoyed this work, I found myself increasingly frustrated. I found that no matter what the numbers “told” me about my client’s business, they weren’t always successful and I wanted to know why…

My 2nd Career

I went back to school to learn about human behaviour. I wanted to help people break through limiting beliefs and mind-sets to transform their lives. After my schooling I created a thriving counseling practice, from scratch, helping people move through things like: fear, worry, or procrastination to become the best they could be. I became an expert on human behaviour.

Fast Forward 10 Years

I felt it was time to re-enter the business world as a business coach. In that moment, Small Business Savvy was created. The first thing I did was hire a coach of my own. With their support, I focused on sales, money and success. Within the first 10 months of my coaching practice I made more in sales than I had made working any year previous to that.

What Made the Difference?

I already had great skills, passion, excitement, motivation… here is what I didn’t have: I didn’t have the ‘partner/coach’ working with me to not only continue my education in “being profitable” but also hold me accountable to actually do what I said I was going to do – it was amazing!!

Now it’s my privilege to support you in this same way, so you create your success: The journey from where you are to where you want to be can be the trip of a lifetime. Having someone walk that path with you, teaching, encouraging and helping you become all you desire is what takes the journey from hard, exhausting and boring to exciting, fun, and profitable.

If you are ready to make a difference, sign up for a 30 minute strategy session today!

Pitiful or Powerful; You Choose

In this book, Julie shows you how to move from Pitiful to Powerful in your business and personal life. She intertwines real life experiences from her 30+ years in business and life. Her book is dynamic, thought provoking and will give you reflective insight as to why you make bad decisions, take ownership of them, make better decisions and create better results. Julie loves to work with committed business people who are looking to thrive in all aspects of their life!

Meet Our Team

Welcome to Small Business Savvy please meet our team that works with you to create and achieve your business visions so that you can make the money you want and have more fun doing it!

Julie Flippin

Julie Flippin is a business strategist, trained as a psychotherapist and dynamic international speaker. She is the author of ‘Pitiful or Powerful; You Choose and co-author of F.A.I.T.H – Finding Answers in the Heart.

As a business strategist Julie works with courageous, passionate entrepreneurs and business owners. She helps them build the businesses that they are dreaming of with her unique 3 step approach.

For over thirty years Julie worked as a controller, sales manager and HR specialist and has created 3 successful six figure businesses over the past 17 years. Julie takes the fear out of marketing, the resistance out of selling and creates strong workable strategies for business owners to achieve their goals. It is her privilege to teach and encourage her clients on their journeys while holding them accountable to create their ultimate result – SUCCESS!

Tara Everson

Tara joined Small Business Savvy three years ago to work as a Marketing Director and provide her administrative talents to Julie Flippin. Tara brought a wealth of knowledge to Small Business Savvy from her previous experience working with a manufacturing company, bookkeeping, inside sales and managing a 20 million dollar big box retail store.

Tara is great at tweaking copy for websites, blogs and email campaigns. She loves creating social media strategies that will speak to your ideal clients. Tara works with Small Business Savvy’s private clients and attends all of Julie’s workshops, masterminds to provide a marketing point of view.

Tara is the proud Mother of two children that she loves to spend time with. When she isn’t at work or with her children you will find her at some sort of sporting event or charity function giving back to the community.