Are you tiptoeing through your life?

I heard the most intriguing statement yesterday and when I hear something that makes me STOP, I pay attention.  The commentary went something like this:

Most people tiptoe through life hoping to make it safely to death! 

When we are born we are risk takers, we are natural risk takers.

We want to get up and walk and learn to run and learn to ride bikes and play sports….we want to LEARN to do things for our present and future experience!  And then as we grow older we are taught to ‘play it safe’.

‘Stay in the comfort zone’ of being acceptable and accepted- it is a life of complacency!

It made me start thinking about the business owner.  WOW – they are RISK TAKERS and standing out on the leading edge when they start their business.  Here was the real question I asked myself?

Where in my life or business am I just tiptoeing hoping to feel safe and secure?

OUCH!!!  You see I’m about to hit a major milestone birthday and even though I give little to no thought to ‘age’…. this one had really hit me hard!  All of societies beliefs converged with a deeper fear that I’m more than half way through this life AND it frightened me.

Part of me wanted to STAY SAFE AND SECURE….downsize, just do what I know and quit being in creative mode.  All those little voices in my head were saying things like this:

‘You don’t have to work hard anymore’

‘No one will miss your voice in the business community’

‘slow down, take it easy, rest on your laurels’

‘it’s okay to play small’

So, when I read the statement ‘Are you tiptoeing through your life hoping to make it safely to death’, it was an actual JOLT to my system.

I realized it’s not about what I DO that is important to me, it’s who I really am and how I’m showing up EVERY day.  It’s about having a VISION for my future, one that is extraordinary and purposeful and most important JOYFUL!!  I had to make a decision to ‘get busy living or get busy dying’.  To play it safe or live on the leading edge of this life.

I choose life…I choose joy…. I choose to live on the leading edge in my life and my business. It might look a little differently.

I will guarantee you one thing…


What about you??