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Pitiful or Powerful; You Choose Book $19.99

Julie shows you how to move from Pitiful to Powerful in your business and personal life. She intertwines real life experiences from her 30+ years in business and life. Her book is dynamic, thought provoking and will give you reflective insight as to why you make bad decisions, take ownership of them, make better decisions and create better results. Julie loves to work with committed business people who are looking to thrive in all aspects of their life!

Companion Workbook Pitiful or Powerful; You Choose $9.99

The Pitiful or Powerful; You Choose Companion Workbook is a fantastic 50 page question and answer system. It allows you to study while reading or listening to the book by giving you the resource to answer all the thought provoking questions Julie asks throughout. Learn why you make bad decisions, what is holding you back so that you can make better decisions and create amazing results in your business and life.

Book and Companion Workbook as a Bundle for only $29.99

F.A.I.T.H. – Finding Answers In The Heart Book $16.95

What if the heart was more than just an organ that pumps blood? What if it could bring you joy, happiness, money, or better relationships?The 14 authors of this book share their stories of struggle and challenge and the gifts that helped them triumph and follow their dreams. These “ordinary” women serve as extraordinary examples of what is possible for us all.

Now is the time to pay attention. You can choose a new direction. Your inner compass has been guiding you your whole life. All it takes is F.A.I.T.H. – Finding Answers in the Heart.

Join the following authors on their journeys: Sheri Bagwell, Tammy Billups, Paula Flint, Julie Flippin, Betty Humphrey Fowler, Colleen Humphries , Nanette Littlestone, Ricia L. Maxie, Michelle Mechem, Linda Minnick, Laina Orlando, Bonnie Salamon, Randi Shapiro, and Mindy Strich.