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Catapult Program

“Creating a business from the inside out is Julie’s theory. At first this sounded strange to me, but as time progressed I realized that if I had fears or wasn’t ready to create my business nothing would happen.
Julie shared her success and business strategies, and brought in different speakers to help as we were progressing. Once a month there was a coaching on line seminar, and a Q&A for personal help.

What I found most beneficial were the 2 day mastermind retreats in Barrie. Being in the same room with the other group members, hearing their struggles, being coached, and sharing successes was both enlightening, helpful and encouraging. I found that I was accepted for where I was, encouraged to get out of my comfort zone, and supported in what I was doing. For me, coaching with Julie has been a positive and enlightening experience.

Thank you Julie.”

Hilda Rendl
Certified Emotional Success Coach
Soul Realignment Practitioner

“If I hadn’t taken Julie’s business program, I wouldn’t be where I am today because I wouldn’t have the knowledge, the support, the connections, and the mindset that is needed to be a successful business owner. Julie’s program is the key to success because it goes beyond the teaching of sales and marketing. Personally, three words come to my mind that describe Julie: integrity, focus, and priority. Her priority is the client. We were about ten people in the program I took with her, and it felt like personalized coaching just for me. It was coaching towards my needs and my goals. The best decision I made when I started my own business was to work with Julie.”

Mona Meyer, Ph.D., Toronto


“It was an absolute pleasure and honor to have Julie Flippin join us as a guest speaker at an Answers For Women event for women entrepreneurs this past year.

Julie proved to be dynamic, educational and passionate; sharing wisdom, tools and valuable golden nuggets to our group of local business women in Burlington, Ontario. Julie has great experience to offer and would be an incredible asset to any group or individual looking for sales, marketing and business knowledge, guidance or mentoring.

I highly recommend Julie and would personally love to learn more from her, as well as have her back again as a speaker or instructor at Answers For Women.”

Beth Hudson
President, Answers For Women

“One of the things I most love about Julie is her authenticity. She comes across as very genuine and this shines through when she’s on stage. She has a wealth of experience and expertise to share with any audience and has a great way of making a true connection. Her content is easy to understand, and the delivery is both interesting and motivational.”

Dana Obleman

Julie Flippin is a powerful and captivating speaker. She has spoken at numerous events hosted by Canadian Small Business Women and has provided useful information to our guests. Julie has been one of the most sought after workshops at my Seminars because of the value of her teaching. I am delighted to have Julie as a part of our speaking roster and I highly recommend her for any speaking opportunities as she will provide valuable information to your guests.

Dwania Peele
Founder and Executive Director, Canadian Small Business Women
416-528-5453 info@canadiansmallbusinesswomen.ca

“Julie has been a regular speaker at our annual Journey 2 Success conference. The women find her talks to be useful and relevant to the challenges they face, especially around sales. I would highly recommend Julie.”

Anne Day
Founder Company of Women
(905) 338 1771

“I have engaged Julie as a guest speaker at several of my events in the past few years. In every case she arrived completely prepared and delivered a highly professional presentation. She provides the audience with specific practical strategies they can implement into their businesses immediately and does it in an emotionally engaging style using inspiring stories and humour.

Julie’s positive energy and authentic enthusiasm for her subject matter integrate powerfully with the high quality of her content. She provides a comfortable interactive environment where each audience member has the opportunity to apply the content to their unique situation.

I would not hesitate to recommend Julie as a motivational and business speaker.”

Nancy Forrester
Personal & Professional Consultant for Therapists and Coaches,
Clinical Member Ontario Society of Psychotherapists,
Executive Director, National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute
Accredited Master EFT – Trainer of Trainers (AAMET International)
MBA, BEd., BSc.


“When I first started coaching with Julie all I had was an idea and desperate desire and need to make it work, I had never owned or operated a business. I was completely new to all it entailed and was starting at $0.

Not only did Julie teach me what I needed to know but more importantly she believed in me before I believed in myself and helped me step into who I needed to be. The result? Now I run a thriving multiple 6-figure business Facebook Advertising Agency and am highly sought after for training and launch expertise. Thanks, Julie!”

Michelle Bridger
Facebook Marketing Strategist

“When I reached out to work with you I had been running my sleep consulting business for three years and I had hit a VERY low and slow point. I was so nervous about what that meant for me and my business; I didn’t know what to do and feared I wouldn’t make it. Julie couldn’t have come at a better time! Since I have worked with Julie I have tripled my annual revenue and six figures are actually within sight!! Holy cow, I never thought I could/would say that! So thank you Julie because I needed a mindset shift and I needed to get better at moving through my sales calls!!”

Shannon Glenn Sleep Well Children Consulting


“My experience at our VIP session with Julie and Tara was incredible. I came in to the session overwhelmed about the sheer number of tasks we (I have a business partner) needed to get done and confused about how best to present our offering to the world. We left with a solid plan, deliverable deadlines and confidence in our marketing language and messaging. Time with these two is invaluable … their insights, knowledge and ability to push your comfort zone the right amount is exactly what we needed to Catapult our business to the next level. Whenever possible, spend one-on-one time with these two and get the personalized, focussed and detailed feedback necessary for great inspiration and decision making.”

Debbie Vandenakker, Emotional Success Coach

My VIP session with Julie Flippin was phenomenal. I have a lot of good content and programs, but lacked a cohesive over all business plan which is both marketable and profitable. With Julie’s expert coaching, I was able to develop that integral plan. After our time together, I can clearly articulate what my business offers, the challenges my clients face, the benefits of working with me, as well as what sets me apart from other business coaches. We developed a tagline, an idea for a list capture product, and a profit forecast. It’s everything I need to form the basis of a solid marketing campaign, increase my client base, and reach my profit goals. This was exactly what my business needed and I can’t recommend working with Julie highly enough.

Paula Boylan
Business Guide for Entrepreneurs with Big Dreams


“I felt that the Mastermind would give me extra tools to run my business, after the first day Julie’s techniques really helped me get to the heart of the stagnation. I love working with Julie. She is practical, down to earth and provides knowledge to help you improve your business.”

Mary Wicklam

“The Power of Sales Mastermind was excellent. Julie is a great speaker, very relaxed and easy to listen to. I liked the issues that it brought to the surface on day one. I feel that I have learned great ideas to make my follow ups more effective.”

Speedpro Signs Barrie

Seniors on the Move Niagara

Other Testimonials

Jennifer McGillis - PROERGONOMICS
My partners and I met Julie almost right out of the gate and although we were experts at what we did, we were lost at how to actually get new clients and run the financial side of the business – a sure recipe for failure!  Although we were unsure what a business coach could provide it became clear quickly that we really needed help.  I think the first thing Julie helped us see was that we were operating as though we were ‘employees’ and not business owners.  Julie’s first step was to help us rethink key parts of how our business was structured, including how we were paying ourselves, what our roles were within the business and how we were closing sales in order to allow us to step into our new role. Julie has also been integral in helping us understand our numbers.  From day one she pushed us to think about and execute a financial plan that made sense for our business by helping us set-up a forecast for the year.  This meant we had to take a detailed look at our expense history and really think about our goals and objectives and then layout a plan for success.  We had never thought about money like this and it truly challenged our preconceived notions about running a business.  I will say that it took us months to really understand the plan, how it worked and its benefits but Julie’s patience as we slowly bought into the new system was much needed.  Since then we have started planning for our second and third years and actually understand what we need to sell in order to reach our growth goals. After our experience the first year we signed on for a second year with Julie - and the investment has been worth every penny.  In this second year our understanding of our business is getting stronger and we have seen these concrete changes:
  • We are on track to more than double our sales from last year and we have strategies in place to actually make that happen
  • We have restructured the three partner roles to better meet our company goals
  • We are hiring our first employee
  • We have a clear vision as to how we are going to deal with a partner going off on mat leave early next year
It’s been an incredible ride and I honestly believe that we would not be a multi six figure business right now without Julie’s guidance and support.  Thank you! JEn logo (1)
Jeremy Broughton - Red Fox Computer Services
Julie: After attending your Business Intensive Training sessions on creating a plan for 2015 I wanted to thank you. I wasn't sure what to expect, especially with a group setting. You quickly put everyone at ease and created an environment we were comfortable in that made the sessions very productive. What struck me the most was your ability to quickly identify personal and professional stumbling points for each person attending. Whether they were mindset or more technical/process driven issues. I learned things about myself and my business that make me feel confident that the plan we created will have a big impact in 2015! Thanks again! Sincerely, Jeremy Broughton Red Fox Computer Services Owner www.redfoxcanada.com unnamed
Nat Caron Photography
To the Wonderful Julie Flippin After a year of having you as my business coach, I have been more than amazed by your ability to adapt and shift into the Photography Business mindset. Last year, I was in a state of change with my business – with the move to our new studio, losing my Studio Manager who was my right hand woman and beginning to plan for the growth of our family, I knew something needed to shift. You helped me:
  • Find employees using a new strategy, of which I had none.
  • Trained my new employees on how to sell effectively.
  • Price, market and understand the bigger picture of what I had to offer.
Most importantly you helped me see the potential in my business from a different perspective. As well as how much of an asset I can be to my clients. I definitely made back the investment I invested in coaching plus increased my sales substantially. I know this year will be another large jump in sales for my company which is amazing considering I won’t be working full time for a few months. With all of the knowledge I now have, that ROI will only continue to grow over the years. When you first talked to me about the level of commitment and financial investment required to work with you, it felt frightening, but I was committed to up level my business and my life. Having gone through this year of growth for myself and my business I would tell anyone considering this that it is was a no brainer. To have your skills to help my business grow, and the opportunity to have a better family life, and ultimately, have balance, which is what we all strive for, you can’t find a better system out there to invest in. Thanks Julie! Nat Caron Nat Caron Photography www.natcaronphotography.com
Richard Upshall
When I started working with Julie, I knew I wanted to open my own business but I wasn’t certain exactly how it would work. Once I made the decision of what my business was I felt completely overwhelmed with the task of finding a name, brand and creating a web site. It was so significant to have a coach who helped me every step of the way to launch my business. I look forward to continuing working with Julie to market my business and watch the bottom line grow. Julie is a coach that moves you to focus on goals and roles. Your success becomes her success. Julie makes a difference. Richard Upshall ISO 9001 Specialist Consulting.
Lorraine Leslie
Women with Vision! Expo was pleased to have Julie Flippin as one of its seven keynote speakers on Wednesday March 5th 2014. Julie’s heartfelt presentation was both dynamic and thought provoking. Her open and honest dialogue with the audience whose demographic was widespread (20–70 years of age), gave every single woman a reflective insight to their own personal lives and or those of others who have been touch with some similarities of Julie’s life journey. I highly recommend Julie as a keynote speaker... and or trainer. Lorraine Leslie Founder/Publisher Women with Vision!
Natalie Scott
When I met Julie, I had been operating my business for about 18 months and I was operating at a loss. One of the reasons I was excited to work with Julie is because she had a way of helping me look at my business from a completely different perspective. I realized I was so busy working IN my business that I was not working ON my business. We went to work developing new programs and then she helped train me how to sell the programs. Within 3 months I had almost doubled my sales from the previous year – it was amazing. I would recommend Julie at Small Business Savvy for any new or existing business that is interested in growing or making more money. What an incredible experience working with a business coach! Natalie Scott, Owner Polished Personal Training Studio
Stephen Gage
A couple of years ago I was struggling with my business. Nothing I did seemed to help the business grow and the harder I worked at it the tougher it became. I began to lose the passion that was once so confident and strong. I started to doubt myself and my abilities. Then I met Julie. She was speaking at a networking event and the words she was saying hit home. When we got together she understood what I was going through. She re-assured me that I was not the only one that goes through times of uncertainty and frustration and that there are viable solutions. Julie did a lot of research to find out who I am and how my business operated identifying strengths and weaknesses. Julie’s background in human behaviour helped me understand myself better and with her extensive management and sales experience quickly found opportunities that would benefit the business quickly and effectively. We worked together to develop a plan that was aggressive yet attainable. And she kept me accountable. I can honestly say that I feel much more confident about the direction my business has taken since I started working with Julie and I certainly feel better about myself in general. I would strongly recommend Julie to anybody that finds themselves in a time of uncertainty in their career or just trying to figure out the next direction their business should take. Thank you Julie. Sincerely, Stephen Gage Gage Business Communication Inc.
Nancy Forrester
In 2011, before hiring Julie as my business mentor, I was a successful psychotherapist and an expert in advanced energy techniques for effective human transformation. My practice was full of private clients, I had a 6 figure income but … I also had a foggy vision about a legacy that wasn’t being fulfilled. In one 3-hour intensive session, Julie asked such insightful questions and listened so carefully to me that we had my entire vision of an Integrated Mentoring Education program fully mapped out! In fact, within two months of that meeting, the first year of the program launched with 11 people registered. I would not have been able to do that without her help and guidance. I’ve always been a very competent, ‘do it yourself’ kind of person, so I wasn't really convinced that having a business mentor was something I needed. I was wrong. Having Julie working for me, adding her perspective and expertise to my challenges has been phenomenally effective. In retrospect, I wish that I had hired a mentor/coach a long time ago. One thing that’s been really helpful is the accountability of having regular meetings scheduled. Julie has an ability to simultaneously hold the big vision at the same time as tracking the small details of whatever project I’m working on. It’s been incredibly valuable that Julie has expertise in EFT/tapping so that when I bump up against a block or limiting belief, we can shift it right in the moment and start moving forward again. I appreciate her intuition about when to clear the block and when to just keep moving ahead. I also value Julie’s willingness to steadfastly commit to seeing my success. At times when I’m so deep in the details, not to speak of the fear, I can count on her to remind me of what I’m wanting to accomplish and why I’m wanting to do it! And to do that reminding in a compassionate, understanding and humorous manner is appreciated too. Since starting to work with Julie I have moved steadily toward achieving my goals. My Integrated Mentoring Education program is full of committed transformational entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others. I am living my dream of teaching other helping professionals how to combine the latest in healing techniques with what they already do brilliantly and to prosper abundantly as they do it. I am seeing my impact on the world broaden and deepen and also seeing my income statement brighten too. Nancy Forrester

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