Is Writing Copy Hard For You?

I’m not sure if you were as shocked as I was when I had this question posed to me!

I had just started my 3rd business and was really struggling trying to write the copy for my new web site.  Have you ever felt that way?

What do I Write?  How do I say it?  Is it too long…. too short? 

I had been working on this for months.  I was so frustrated that I decided to hire someone I really respected who designed web sites AND wrote AWESOME copy.  I hired him thinking he would just write my copy.  What I didn’t realize is that he couldn’t help me with copy without my input and most importantly understanding what my P.O.V. was…. yeah, I didn’t know what that meant either.  He had to explain the basics to me.  If I wasn’t so desperate, I might have turned and run.  He wanted to know what my Point OView was.

He asked me one very revealing question, which formed the basis for my work….and my website!


I stammered and stuttered and I finally told him nothing did!  He just laughed.  If I wasn’t so intrigued, I might have been insulted.  He assured me that something did and THAT something would be the basis of my work.  WOW!!!

Then he re-framed it for me to make it easier for me to answer.  He explained that what upsets me the most about business and the business owner is where my passion was coming from.  It was the ‘thing’ I most wanted to change or help them with.  I had never heard it put quite like that before.

Then I knew what it was.

The people I wanted to work with were passionate about what they wanted to do, they felt inspired and put everything they had on the line to start their business.  Money…. Time – hundreds of hours….. energy.  They took one of the biggest risks in their life to stand up and say to the world…’look at me doing what I love and what I’m really good at’!  What they didn’t realize is that building a solid business is also a skill and marketing ‘what’ you do will get you some clients but it won’t create the success you are wanting!

Most people fixate on marketing, like a moth to a flame. They throw money and time at it, then hope the magic happens.

But most people are missing the most important, foundational, vital component to their business:  a MOVEMENT.

When you have a message that moves people, you’ll never have to sell again.

And your message will likely come from what you know you can help change for your Ideal Client.  Whatever it is that ‘pisses you off’ because you KNOW it doesn’t have to be that way for them!

So, what is your message?  What is it you really want to share with people?  And if you can’t answer this question, you won’t really know or understand the challenge your Ideal Client is facing or the REAL benefit you offer..

Take the time to think about this and just write … let the words flow.  That very well may be the basis for your next article, blog or website.

And if you aren’t sure, I’d be more than happy to help you figure it out.  Feel free to click on my calendar and set up a time.  I’d love to hear what really pisses you off! 🙂